Sharpe User Experience


Project Brief

My freshman year of college I got the opportunity, in one of my User Experience courses, to coordinate with Garmin and work on their LiveTrack application, within their app.

What is Livetrack? 

LiveTrack allows users to share their activity data and location, live, to their friends and family via various sharing methods.

The Goal

In a group of seven, our goal was to improve the LiveTrack feature within the Garmin Connect Application by using data gathered through various methods of research and design, to create a more intuitive experience for users.

The Timeline


We divided up all the work we would be doing for the semester, into four sections, which have many objectives.


Secondary Research

Heuristic Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Primary Research



Research Analysis


Pull Insights

Transition into Design


Sketching & Ideation


Prototyping & Testing


Heuristic Evaluation

Nielsens 10 usability heuristic evaluation, was conducted to help us familiarize us with the application, and discover pain points.

The three aspects that we identified as pain points, are as followed: help and documentation, consistency and standards, aesthetic and minimalists design.

Secondary Research


Primary Research


After looking at some of the pain points and what other competitors were doing, we wanted to see what users thought. Did they know what LiveTrack was? Did they find it easy to use? How often did they use it? These were just a few of our questions, so a survey along with interviews were conducted.

Survey :

The purpose of the survey was to gain more insight into how many Garmin device users use LiveTrack or not. Our focus was on the LiveTrack feature and people's current experiences with it. We generated 27 survey question for various users, and distributed it through social media. We got responses back from Purdue Running Club, Cypress Texas Running Club, Missouri Daily Running Club, Outer Banks North Carolina Running Club, and the Indianapolis Running Club. We received 246 complete or partial responses including 150 Garmin device user responses.

Survey Results:


Of 246 respondents, over half of them had never seen or heard of LiveTrack and haven’t used it. Of the 17 people who used LiveTrack, the average satisfaction was between low and neutral, on the net promoter scale. Of the 45 people who have seen or heard of LiveTrack but haven’t used it, most of them stated they don’t have a need for it.


The goal of our interviews was to verify data from the survey results. We hoped to get more insight as to why some users choose to use the LiveTrack feature and why some do not.

Interview Results:



Research Analysis

Pulling insights from the surveys, interviews, and heuristic evaluation, we formed three types of personas. There were three categories of people who know what LiveTrack is, used LiveTrack, or don't know what it is. 


This Personas would help solidify our ideas later on.

Research Analysis


Problems to Solve


After analysis the data that was collect the three most proficient pain points are as listed above. To get a grasp on some design paths to help in these areas, many sketches were made.  Below is the reasoning we made the design changes, some sketches, and a prototype example.


After designing these we implemented our persona as if they were using the new high fidelity prototype. This helped up envision if this would actual solve the problems and help the user. Below is a video that was put together, to show one of the persona's journey with the new prototype.

To ensure this was a plausible a focus group was held. This help to confirm and solidify our data and design.  

Below is the high fidelity prototype for you to view and play around with, if it isn't working click here. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to get in contact with me. Enjoy!