Our team was tasked with improving the LiveTrack feature within the Garmin Connect application through various methods of research and design, creating a more intuitive experience for users. In this experience, I was the main daily contact for Garmin.


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This Maymester project consisted of trying to improve the dialect within the NHS employee environment, about the work environment. I had the opportunity to lead testing and be an advocate for Purdue University.


Newcastle University NHS

My Professional Work:

I have had the opportunity to work on many projects as a UX Designer. Each project has its own challenge, user, client, an end goal that makes it special. In my undergraduate years at Purdue, I had the opportunity to be a student collaborator for industry leaders. Some of these projects I was tasked to be the leader of a design team, which ranged from 5 to 10 teammates. I also am the current User Experience Designer for the Envision Center. The Envision Center is a service laboratory specializing in scientific visualization, virtual reality simulations, multimedia production, and human-computer interaction research. I directly work with clients, VR technology, and more. 

This 3-week project we were tasked to change the shopping experience. We were given a location, but no straight forward problem. In this project, I played a major role in testing, ideation, and UI layout.

The Grocery Shop Experience

The Grocery Shop Experience



Over the course of the semester, we intend to strictly define the problems with Work Place application and improve the system through various methods of research and design, to create a more intuitive experience for users. In this project I was one of the team leads, of six designers.

This is one of my first photography pieces, that got displayed in an art show.



Our team was tasked with helping new users to understand how to use SPOCK and for experienced users to understand how to adapt new tools into their workflow. This included a new onboarding system, to their newly re-layout out application. I was in charge of making sure we got things done on time, along with helping the UI layout design.

Companies I've Collabotared with:



NHS (National Health Service)

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This is a digital transformed version of the image to the left. This was created in one of my photography courses.

Taking basic shapes and interlocking them, is my favorite form of 3D graphite art. This is one of my many stencil art pieces.

About me

I am a junior at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience design. I am currently in the process of obtaining my certificate in entrepreneurship and leadership. I have basic knowledge in Microsoft Suites, Multisim, Autodesk Revit and Inventor, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and CAD animation. Upon completion of my degree, I aspire to be a well balanced UX designer and manager. Outside of the classroom I am an active member of WIT (women in technology), the User Experience Design Club, and am a mentor. In my free time, I like to read new fantasy books and play tabletop board games.

Professional Resume
Design Resume

This piece of art is one of my many melted crayon canvases. These are some of my favorite art pieces to create. This picture was taken to show the flow and color, for a photography course.

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My Design Philosophy

Design to me is like writing with a pen. I have been given all this knowledge, or ink, and have all the resources to design. Yet the decisions to scribble or to carefully fill out the check is up to the designer. Depending on the situation and what project you are currently facing, each check would be different. Sometimes you have to put caution to the wind, and test on the spot to get the raw hard feedback, thus getting dirty splotches all over the check. Other times you want elegant cursive. You want to make it look beautiful for the people reading it, and take your time developing an idea.


No matter the metaphor, to me, designing is taking a less desirable state of a product or service and using creative problem solving and methods to make it a more desirable state. The desirable and non-desirable states will differ from project to project, as defined by clients, users and other stakeholders. As designers, the responsibility is on us to take all these things into consideration and depict the desired requirements and present an efficient and creative solution.


Thus never having the exact same check or pen markings.

I remember trying to peek over the edge of our dining room table, trying to get a glance at my mother writing out checks when I was little. Watching as she carefully filled in the amount and then rapidly scribble in her calligraphy signature.

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Maddisen Sharpe


Purdue University 2021

BS User Experience with a Minor in Psychology & Communication

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The Toothbrush Test: To build experiences that users use twice a day, every day to make some meaningful differences in their lives.


Design Quotes:

My ultimate goal is to make an impact on the user’s everyday life, even if this is by a simple thing, like a click of a button.

My Vision

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